Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Science Faculty Committee

22/09/06 Student Reps – Shirley Corston and Carey Shaw

More October starts on the way with S205 and S207 moving to autumn starts in 2008.

Waymark Credit - A scheme is under consideration to allow for some recognition to be made available in the future for students on 60 point courses who complete only part of the course, probably initially in respect of first level course.

Re-presentation of courses:

  • 2007: S279 (30 point replacement for S267 and S269 combined).
  • 2008: S104 (to replace S103) – 2 presentations per year

Planned new courses:

  • TBA S154 – an introduction to S104
  • 2007 S186 Volcanoes Earthquakes Tsunamis (10 points)
  • TBA S187 Forensic Science (10 points)
  • 2008 SA188 Introduction to Archaeology (10 points)
  • 2008 S189 Weather (10 points)
  • 2007 SK??? Chronic Health Problems i – Cardiovascular conditions (15 points)
  • 2008 SK??? Chronic Health Problems ii - Obesity
  • 2008 S310 Ecosystems (30 points)

New academic certificates are being planned - whether in place of or addition to existing certificates and/or diploma was not clear.

Longevity of recognition of courses towards degree awards. The university notes that in some cases, awards due to be made in 2006 and 2007 may include recognition of courses taken in the early years of the OU – 30 years ago. This aspect is under consideration but there are no proposals for change at present.

Interesting BBC programmes coming up are “Adam’s Cosmos” with Adam Hart Davies and "Climate" with David Attenborough.

A level 2 certificate in Physics is planned.

There is to be internal support (funding to Central Academic Units) for Post graduate research students.


Anonymous said...

Hi Polly! Thanks. You've not only answered a question for me here, i.e. the date for S104, but given me news of two yummy new 10 pointers to look forward to; Archaeology and Forensic science. :-)

Keep up the good work!


Vice President Education said...

Glad to be of help Krys. There are some yummy looking new courses coming up aren't there - I'm tempted by the archaeology one myself.

Michele said...

All very interesting, especially
the forensic science one !!!

Is there any more info on that or when it might be available to study?

Vice President Education said...

Sorry Suzi no more info available yet but keep your eyes on the courses and qualifications website